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Integrative, holistic health care to restore your vitality.

Integrative Medicine Healing Program

The integration of evidence-based conventional and lifestyle treatments for improved quality of life and communal healing – fully covered by MSP.

Personalized Individual Healing Program

One-on-one, personalized medical care with a whole-body approach to better understand root causes of issues and optimize your health. (Fees apply)

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Why choose Balance Medical?

We unite conventional medicine and natural practices to treat you holistically.

Understand The Root Cause

We are deeply committed to uncovering the underlying cause of imbalance in the body

Personalized Treatment Plans

We tailor your treatment plan based on your unique physiology and psychology.

Collaborative Team Approach

Highly-trained practitioners, work effectively in collaboration leveraging their best skills and delivering a cohesive treatment plan.

Plans & Fees

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Our Partner Clinic

Westcoast Women’s Clinic

Our partner clinic, Westcoast Women’s Clinic, is a leader in hormonal medicine, addressing hormone imbalances to restore and reignite vitality.