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Our mission is to change the way that medical care is delivered.

Integrative medicine represents a fundamental shift in the medical community’s understanding of the interplay between the environment and our health. This shift leads the doctor and patient to change their focus to wellness and optimal health over the treatment of symptoms.

Integrative medicine is the merging of conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine to provide safe and effective options in the name of disease or injury prevention, and health optimization. On a larger scale, this practice has been adopted at the highest levels of medical education with both the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard University incorporating the principles of integrative medicine in their healthcare delivery.

Holistic healthcare encompasses the body and the mind, and focuses on health prevention and optimization. The effects of wellness spread through a person’s entire life, including relationships, abilities, and contributions. By taking ownership over your health, you can revitalize your whole life.

Together, we are working to make this style of healthcare the new standard for wellness in Canada.

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Balance Medical Center unites conventional medicine and natural practices for holistic health. Considering your unique lifestyle and body, we use a range of therapies to restore optimal wellness.