Dr. Annie Savage, ND

Dr. Annie Savage is deeply committed to guiding her patients towards active and thriving lives by designing personalized treatment plans that cater to their unique health goals and concerns. With a compassionate approach, she empowers individuals to achieve optimal well-being and embraces a holistic perspective on healthcare. She obtained her B.Sc from the University of Alberta. She always had her heart set on the medical field and focused her studies on Biology and Human Nutrition Sciences. Dr. Savage completed her Naturopathic medical training in Tempe, Arizona at the Sonoran University of Health Sciences (formerly The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine). There she joined the sports medicine club to work with athlete’s and volunteered with Naturopaths Without Border’s to provide free holistic healthcare to the under-served population of Rocky Point, Mexico.

Dr. Savage is a devoted clinician who has worked with a large variety of concerns, including women’s health and hormonal balance, digestion, stress, skin and anti-aging, as well as pain management and sports medicine.

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