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Dr. Lada Kokan MD, DOMP (Diploma in Osteopathy, Manual Practice)

Knowing from a young age that she wanted to help people live healthy lives, Dr. Lada Kokan’s realization of this dream began in 1991 when she graduated from McGill University’s medical school in Montreal. Dr. Kokan then spent the next four years training to be an emergency medicine doctor at Bellevue Hospital in New York City followed by a Clinical Toxicology Fellowship at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Centre in Denver. It was Dr. Kokan’s own journey through illness, though, that served as the catalyst which pivoted her toward functional medicine and osteopathy.

Being a researcher by nature + training, her own experiences with and curiosity about these areas which she had not previously encountered led Dr. Kokan to complete additional training in the emerging area of functional medicine ‘because it works’. Since her early functional medical training she has watched as one after another of its concepts + treatments became standard practice. Nowadays, when asked to briefly describe what functional medicine is about she usually answers that it is cutting edge medicine that works. She may add that it dives into the data very carefully, takes a wide angle approach or that it is very specific and personalized.

During the same period, she was also introduced to the practice of osteopathy and was amazed at its ability to treat a wide range of conditions. This made her curious and intrigued enough to commit to another five years of training in osteopathic manual practice. From her earliest treatments, she began to see people get results who, like her, had been unable to get relief elsewhere. In line with her search for ways in which one can become the healthiest version of themselves, osteopathy also brought a new set of treatments and a perspective that has complemented Dr. Kokan’s medical toolkit.

Her osteopathic practice is rooted in reading the body’s imbalances then treating them; recognizing that each body has a unique way of presenting and reacting to stressors. Often, a patient’s symptoms cannot be fully addressed without resolving something in a completely different area of the body. A practice intended to both heal and optimize the body, osteopathy can address any body system, including the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. With her years of training, research, and interest in healing the human body, the addition of both the functional medicine and osteopathic manual practice frameworks has presented Dr. Kokan with a unique perspective toward optimal health and patient-centered care.

Since staying active is one of Dr. Kokan’s passions, you may see her riding her bike around town, singing with her neighbours, gardening or heading outdoors with her family and friends. Her greatest joy is to see potential realized: at work, at play and especially in health.

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