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“In the field of medicine you often have practitioners that practice allopathic medicine and those that practice naturopathic medicine. Very rarely do you have practitioners that come together to open perspective, share ideas and focus on what matter’s most – the patient’s well-being. “

Kavita Kent

Fortunate to be introduced to brilliant physicians in the field of integrative medicine, Kavita Kent, had a vision to create a space where patients would receive collaborative, holistic care that brought long-term health to their lives.

Founded in 2011, Balance Medical Center has become an organization that continues to inspire her with opportunities to provide meaningful positive impacts on people’s health, well-being, relationships and community. A graduate of McMaster University in Business and Economics, Kavita began her career in finance and investment management.

As the Director of Operations at a high net worth investment management firm, Kavita quickly learned the intricacies and challenges of running a business. She is passionate about providing her physicians with the opportunity to do what they do best – heal, help, educate and inspire. In addition to owning Balance Medical Center, Kavita is also the owner of Westcoast Women’s Clinic for Hormone Health.

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Balance Medical Center unites conventional medicine and natural practices for holistic health. Considering your unique lifestyle and body, we use a range of therapies to restore optimal wellness.