Balance Medical Center Announces a Merger of Like Minded Physicians with Westcoast Women Clinic

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Rishi Verma and his wife, Kavita Verma, Balance Medical Center is a full spectrum integrative medicine clinic in central Vancouver. The clinic was opened with the vision of creating a space where patients feel safe to explore all avenues of health, including holistic healing, cutting edge diagnostics, and scientifically tested natural therapies. Alongside Dr. Verma, the clinic was started with the expertise of Dr. Karla Dionne, MD, and Dr. Seema Kanwal, ND. Shortly after opening, Dr. Stella Seto, ND joined the team. Balance Medical Center quickly became a full service clinic where patients found comfort knowing their doctor offered the knowledge and time required to help them explore their health effectively and comprehensively.

The success of Balance Medical Center led the owners to investigate how to further advance the availability of integrative healthcare into the culture of Vancouver. This eventually led to the acquisition of Westcoast Women’s clinic, a Vancouver institution in the field of hormonal health. Home to five integrative medical doctors, and operating for the past 14 years, Westcoast Women’s Clinic has helped transform the lives of over 8,000 Canadian men and women.

From an operational standpoint, new and existing patients will see minimal change in the next two years. Both clinics will continue to operate individually providing quality medical care. In two years, the goal is to merge the two clinics into a larger space, which will be a state of the art integrative medical center, specifically designed to provide the highest quality integrative healthcare in the city.

We look forward to your continued support along our journey.


Dr. Rishi and Kavita Verma