Age Management

Our society is trained to go to the doctor when ‘something ails us’.  However, if one desires to achieve optimal health, we need to shift the paradigm of medicine.  We believe that the core of the relationship between a doctor and patient should be centered on preventative medicine.

This does not just include eating well and exercising (although they are at the core of every recommendation).  We also look at subtle findings on lab testing that do not represent an overt disease process, but do signify potential problems in the future.  Giving attention to those areas early on can help avoid a more severe diagnosis in the future.

This brings up a new concept termed “Age Management Medicine”.  A growing number of people have few health problems, but want to feel great and have their body function in an optimal fashion through their life.  Ideally, an age management program starts in the womb, and continues through all phases of life.  Our Integrative Medicine Physicians are trained in Age Management strategies.  They have the testing and tools available to promote optimal health for people of all ages.

Suggested treatment: Hormone Replacement Therapy

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