Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes

Cardiometabolic Syndrome (CMS) is a group of health problems that greatly increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and now with growing concern, liver disease. The cause of this condition is 92% environmental, including lifestyle choices and nutrient deficiencies. Impaired glucose metabolism ignites this unhealthy cascade due to the many stressors assaulting the body, including an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol intake and mental stress. Fat begins to accumulate around the waist, cholesterol levels increase, blood pressure rises and impaired glucose metabolism has blossomed into metabolic syndrome.  When blood sugar rises, so does insulin; however, when continuously elevated blood sugar places high demands on insulin, insulin stops working as well and becomes “resistant” to doing its usual job in controlling blood glucose. Insulin resistance is the most common clinic finding and the pathophysiologic cornerstone of CMS.

When the pancreas tires and insulin resistance has risen past the body’s threshold, consistently high blood sugar results in a diagnosis of type II Diabetes. Unless blood sugar is controlled through lifestyle and medication, diabetes can lead to many health complications. Due to the modifiable causes of CMS and type II DM, treatment can also heavily involve approaches to lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental health.

At Balance, we treat DM and CMS holistically with lifestyle approaches, medications, nutritional counseling, and nutraceutical supplementation. Specifically, our group-based program for CMS is covered under MSP and walks patients through a program to help reverse CMS and improve quality of life. If you have CMS, speak with your doctor and have them fill out a referral form to join the program.

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