Type II Diabetes + Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is diabetes waiting to happen.  It all begins with impaired glucose metabolism due to the many stressors assaulting the body, including an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol intake and mental stress. Fat begins to accumulate around the waist, cholesterol levels increase, blood pressure rises and impaired glucose metabolism has blossomed into metabolic syndrome.  Metabolic syndrome brings about a significantly increased risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, or complications of vascular disease.

Diabetes is along the spectrum of metabolic syndrome, but the diagnosis is focused specifically on the ability of the body to regulate glucose.  Since glucose is the preferred energy source for the survival of the brain, the body is very particular about maintaining a perfect glucose level in the blood and cells.  Diabetes is a condition where there is an overwhelming level of glucose circulating in the bloodstream for months to years, and a resulting decrease in the function of the insulin receptor, which is involved in taking up glucose into the cells.

Putting patients on medications without proper nutritional counselling and nutraceutical supplementation is not adequate for treating diabetes.  Our treatments are designed to improve insulin resistance while lowering blood glucose levels, and using nutraceuticals to improve vascular function to improve all aspects of diabetes.  Of course, weight loss is always important, and we utilize weight loss programs at the clinic to aid in the process.

Suggested treatment: Intravenous Therapy

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