Plans & Fees

Medical Services

Beginning Your Journey

We have plans designed for new patients.

Continuing Your Journey

We want to be a part of your continued evolution into health. We have plans designed to maintain ongoing wellness.

Out of Province Patients

We welcome out of province patients into our practice, and can provide the same high level of care that we offer our in town patients. Due to inter-provincial variability which governs health care, the following rules apply to out of province clients:

  • Residents of the following provinces cannot be seen as patients: Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Yukon
  • The first consult is mandated to be in person. In some circumstances, the physician will request that a periodic in-person review be conducted if a specific physical examination is required.
  • Follow-up consultations will be conducted either via a secure Health Canada approved teleconferencing system or through the telephone.
  • There will be an additional annual charge of $200 to account for our inability to publicly bill out of province patients for telehealth services.
  • A lab requisition for publicly available services can be provided, but certain provinces (Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec) may not accept this requisition. You will then need to see your local doctor to have these tests ordered.
  • If specific private laboratory testing is required, the collection kit will be shipped to you for a nominal shipping charge, and the test will be explained over the telephone.

Coverage for Medical Doctor Services by Extended Health

Our services are fully covered if you have access to an extended health plan that utilizes a health spending account. There are also insurance offerings that allow self-employed business owners to write off medical expenses as a business expense.

In all cases, services are paid for by the patient. We will provide a full itemized receipt which you can use for reimbursement from your provider.

Services Not Included with the Annual Plans:

  • Costs for private lab testing
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Advanced medical procedures, such as prolotherapy and neural therapy
  • Naturopathic doctor visits (link to ND plans/fees page!)
  • Writing complex forms such as disability or legal forms

Meet Our Team

Our accomplished professionals are passionate about providing an integrative patient experience to amplify health and vitality.