Why Choose Balance Medical?

We treat every patient like they’re the only one

Understand The Root Cause

We are committed to knowing you. We find out what’s contributing to your current level of health and wellness and then foster a unique therapeutic relationship for ongoing diagnosis and care. Our comprehensive risk assessments and various diagnostic testing allow us to identify areas of concern for you and address root-cause issues to alleviate your symptoms.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The merit of personalized medicine is that it follows the principles of scientific medicine, while embracing the unique factors of each individual case. Our treatment plans are as unique as you are. We work as a team focusing on mind/body medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications to alleviate your symptoms, correct imbalances, restore your vitality, and prevent more serious health concerns in the future.

Collaborative Team Approach

Interdisciplinary practice can lead to a powerful patient experience. Our health team has a true passion for integrative medicine. We combine the rich expertise of medical doctors, naturopathic physicians and osteopaths to meaningfully collaborate on patient care.

Communal Healing

Our MSP-covered Holistic Healing program focusses on the integration of allopathic and complementary treatments, lifestyle interventions and communal healing so that you can improve your quality of life alongside people who share your diagnosis.

Plans & Fees

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Balance Medical Center unites conventional medicine and natural practices for holistic health. Considering your unique lifestyle and body, we use a range of therapies to restore optimal wellness.