Wild For Chaga!

There have been an abundance of super foods touted in the mainstream media recently that claim to do a number of things – improve memory, support immune function, decrease inflammation. Some superfood claims are backed by scientific studies while others are merely passing fads with little nutritional value. Incorporating some high-quality super foods into your diet can indeed elevate your daily nutritional intake and bestow long-term health benefits to you and your family. One such super food is Chaga Mushrooms! The Chaga Mushroom is a slow maturing mushroom which grows primarily on birch trees, obtaining nutrients from its host and making these nutrients available to us. It is most commonly brewed into a surprisingly tasty herbal tea.

Health benefits of the “King of Mushrooms” include:

·       Protecting cell components against free radicals and DNA degradation.
·       Increasing longevity by slowing the aging process.
·       Improving the blood.
·       Nourishing skin and hair through its melanin compounds.
·       Improving digestion, relieving digestive distress and candida.
·       Treating chronic fatigue syndrome, flu, and HIV.
·       Inhibiting the cell mutations that are associated with cancer.
·       Fighting cancerous tumors, especially in mammary glands & sex organs.
·       Fighting Hepatitis, ulcers, diabetes, and gastritis.
·       Fighting inflammation and inflammatory disease, such as Shingles.
·       Knocking out the common cold and fighting viruses.
·       Detoxifying the liver.

Source: Giddy Yoyo

Balance Medical Center has sourced out high grade, hand-picked 100% Raw Wild Canadian Chaga available courtesy of our friends at Giddy Yoyo. It is now available to all our patients.


By Kavita Verma
Owner, Balance Medical Center